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New Chaplain Wive's Frequently Asked Questions

Over the 5.5 years that we have been in the Army, several ladies have found this blog as their husbands were entering or had just entered into the chaplaincy.  This thrills me, as this was the original intent of this blog from the beginning!  Some common questions have arisen and I thought it might be helpful to post some of them here.  These are a combination of lessons learned, passions/leanings, and ministry philosophies.

Q: Did you go to/were you able to go to your husband's graduation from CHBOLC (CHaplain Basic Officer Leadership Course)?

A:  I did go to hubby's graduation from CHBOLC.  I highly recommend it.  I actually went down for his graduation week. They had classes for the spouses, events and outings, and then, of course, graduation itself.  I knew nothing of the military or chaplaincy, so it was definitely a great place to start my learning curve :-) Also the chaplain museum is there at Ft Jackson -- all chaplain families should visit it at least once to get a…