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Amazing aviary

Several weeks ago we put out the hummingbird feeder near our kitchen window and ever since we've had little feathered visitors all day from sunrise until dusk.  They are so agile, swift, petite, and amazing - I just had to snap some photos of them. A delicate example of God's beautiful winged creatures!
Female hummingbird

 The green feathers on their back are iridescent.

 Male hummingbird - this one's throat can look black from one angle and but turns violet when the light hits just right

Two males getting "territorial". 
 They decided to share :-)
Different type of male hummingbird.  He appears to be "older" and his neck looks as if it has red scratches on it.

School's in session

Choo choo!  All about the learning express!  Feeling fairly settled in after our move, today the kids and I began our official journey into 2nd and 5th grade.  We kept a bit of schooling going all summer to keep brain atrophy from setting in.  But today we took a swing at all 4 subjects for both kids. With this being our 5th year of homeschool, I’ve learned (the hard way) to keep expectations low and to-do lists lower.  I’m hopeful that several of the things we’ll be doing this year will lead to simplification and a more productive and peaceful year.  First, we’re sticking with our favorite math curriculum - Math-U-See.  Some how we lucked out that the same curriculum works well for both our kids - even though they’re of differing genders.  I’ve heard this is not always the case.  Second, I’ll be teaching them together in the subjects of science (as we did last year) and history.  With a three year spread between them and both of them reading well beyond their grade level, this works…

The beauty of Colorado...and a birthday!

Three weeks have passed since our arrival to Colorado - but BOY does it feel like longer than that.  All the hard labor of unpacking and settling in has made time feel sluggish.  Slowly our home has evolved within the walls of this house.  We are now fully unpacked ( know, there's always a box or two you never unpack!) and have begun enjoying the beauty that Colorado has to offer.  The state motto is "Colorful Colorado" and that's a perfect description.

Welcome to our Colorado home!
On our street alone we can see the mountains from one end and the wide-open prairie from the other end.  The rooms on the back of our home have a view of Pike's Peak - which can also be seen by anyone jumping on the trampoline at the apex of their jump!  On one of our first family walk outings, we discovered numerous scrawling trails criss-crossing the land behind our home.  And around one bend we saw a doe and her fawn.  
The doe and her (not-so-visible) fawn
We also hit t…