So thankful

My sweet husband gave me a fabulous idea.  He encouraged me to post all of my Facebook "thankful things" from the month of November onto my blog.  What better time to do so than deep in the heart of the giving season?  This blog is nothing if not a tribute to the journey God has placed us on.  I would be so remiss not to recount His deeds and glorify His name.  So, here they are!...

  • Day 1: thankful for the sound of my 6 yr old reading me a story right now :-)
  • Thankfulness day #2: Thankful for my man's man who has done 4 loads of laundry and unloaded the dishwasher 3 times...this week! I love you and am thankful for each night our heads lay side by side.
  • Day #3 of thankfulness -- FINALLY getting to be "attendees" at a strong bonds event. Having a great time laughing our way to a better marriage!  Also, SO thankful for grandparents willing to take on our kids for the weekend! Thanks Mom & Dad!
  • Thankfulness day #4: Thankful for the material blessings God has afforded me and my family throughout our lives. He is such a generous God and lavishes upon us grace after grace. All is grace!
  • Thankfulness day #5: thankful for 54 days completed in this homeschool year! So many lessons learned and hills climbed. :-)
  • Thankfulness day #6: Thankful for my husband who was not afraid to surrender to God's calling on his life (even though his bride wasn't sure) The signature line on his email reads: Serving God, Serving Soldiers, Enjoying every minute!
  • Thankfulness day 7: Thankful for the richness and power of the Word of God. Never changing and always applicable!
  • Day 8 of thankfulness: Grateful for parents who nurtured in me a will to persevere, a drive to work hard, and the importance of getting things right. From sports to academia to spirituality, they encouraged me to give it my all and best. Thanks Mom & Dad!
  • Day 9 of thankfulness: I'm thankful for the perks that military life offers. For all the bum raps it gets, it really does have its pluses. For example? Four day weekends surrounding federal holidays. Hurray for this four-day!!!
  • Day 10 of thankfulness: Thankful for the 2 "arrows" God blessed our lives with. Such a measure of trust it is when He places these precious lives into our hands! Enjoying a blanket fort and Tom & Jerry this morning. I hope this never ends! :-D
  • Day 11 of thankfulness: Grateful for all our veterans past & present who sacrificed so much... and sometimes gave their all. And to the families of veterans, who have supported and loved their service member... and sometimes had to say the ultimate good bye Thank you!!!
  • Thankfulness day 12: Grateful for the family I inherited on our wedding day. Tim's mother and father gave him a legacy thru their faithful example of keeping their commitment to each other and living out their faith. Thanks, Shelley, for being the first female in his life and getting him familiar with the ways of a woman! :-D
  • Thankfulness day #13: Thankful for my sister and the joys she has brought to my life. There was no more exciting news when I was five years old than to hear that I was going to be a big sister to a little sister :-) Praying for you today, Elizabeth, as you start this new adventure of a new job.
  • Day 14 of thankfulness: SOOOO grateful for this... "In death, in life, I'm confident and covered by the power of Your great love! My debt is paid, there's nothing that can separate my heart from Your great love!!"
  • Day 15 and 16 of thankfulness (because I forgot yesterday :-)... I was reminded this week to be thankful for both the good and the bad in life. As I learn more and more about the sovereignty of Christ, it is becoming clear that He works both out for His best and the good of those who love and follow Him. All is grace!!
  • Thankfulness day #17: Thankful for the little things today... Like farm fresh eggs from the Browns, a Starbucks latte hand delivered to my front door by a friend, and enough spare time for a soak in the tub. :-)
  • Thankfulness day #18: Thankful for the gift God gave us in the form of music...speaks to the soul the way words can't.
  • Day 19 of thankfulness: Thankful for the seasons and their constant change. It gives such beautiful life to our world. What a wonderful Creator!
  • Thankfulness day #20: thankful for doctors, nurses, pharmacists, medical personnel, medicine, and the Great Physician!
  • So, I fell off my thankfulness bandwagon, thanks to an illness that knocked out 3/4 of us Raburns...but now that we're feeling better...I'm 3 days worth of thankful for great times with family, overall good health, and the wonderful freedoms we enjoy in this great nation. God bless America!
And just for kicks...
  • Reason #418 I love my husband: After a chilly pre-sunrise run, I came home to our indoor Christmas lights on, Christmas music on, fireplace on, and coffee brewing :-)
Merry Christmas from our family to yours!
 And Happy New Year, too!

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