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New Year's Eve marked my 3 year blog-iversary. It is such a treasure to me to be able to go back and trace the Lord's hand throughout my family's adventures! Thank you God for the way you have led us through the past and the way you now carry us into the future. You are the one who exists outside the confines of time, yet you gently and lovingly guide us through each year. Rishon Va-Acharon. Alpha and Omega.

Our favorite soldier celebrated his holidays in a land where Christ is neither recognized nor celebrated. But don't think for a minute he didn't make the most of it! He started working the day of Thanksgiving to put up several Christmas trees, including one in his own tent. It was complete with lights and a manger scene. If life is 10% what happens to us and 90% what we make of it...Chaplain had a GREAT Christmas. I am so proud of him for his mental resolve and determination to keep the message of hope alive. I love you, babe.

The kids and I made several trips t…