New Year's Eve marked my 3 year blog-iversary. It is such a treasure to me to be able to go back and trace the Lord's hand throughout my family's adventures! Thank you God for the way you have led us through the past and the way you now carry us into the future. You are the one who exists outside the confines of time, yet you gently and lovingly guide us through each year. Rishon Va-Acharon. Alpha and Omega.

Our favorite soldier celebrated his holidays in a land where Christ is neither recognized nor celebrated. But don't think for a minute he didn't make the most of it! He started working the day of Thanksgiving to put up several Christmas trees, including one in his own tent. It was complete with lights and a manger scene. If life is 10% what happens to us and 90% what we make of it...Chaplain had a GREAT Christmas. I am so proud of him for his mental resolve and determination to keep the message of hope alive. I love you, babe.

The kids and I made several trips throughout November/December. Thanksgiving had us treking across half the country to the land of Arkansas. We stayed with Tim's parents and visted our old church in Cabot, AR. On the way there and back we spent some time with my parents as well. It was a great trip, but put nearly 2,000 miles on Katy the Acadia!

After we returned home, Christmas festivities went into full swing and we decorated our home as well, although it was a scaled down version of what we would have put up had Santa been home! :) It was enough to help us feel festive and keep our mind on Christ. Dylan participated in his first Christmas programs, one at preschool and one at ChapelNext, both of which were adorable! Jordan just soaked everything in, from the lights to the music to the goodies! She did pretty good with the Christmas tree, only occasionally taking off ornaments to play with them. Fortunately her mom had the brains to put the non-breakable ones on the bottom! :)

Shortly before Christmas we headed back to Alabama. We were able to see Tim's parents and grandmother in Winfield as well as stay with my parents and see my extended family. Considering the precious one we were without this holiday season, what a wonderful Christmas the Lord made for us! The weather was cold and crisp, perfect for celebrating the season. And God gave us a beautiful and glorioius gift on Christmas morn - we awoke to the serenity of falling snow! It fell for much of the morning and accumulations were around 4-6 inches! What a beautiful sight, so peaceful and tranquil and quiet. Elohim, you are glorious and so good to us your children! I pray this is a Christmas we won't soon forget, especially for my 4 year old. I pray this is one he remembers for the rest of his life. The Christmas that God sustained us without our daddy and sent us snow for his Son's birthday party!

After Christmas, we made a trip up to Ohio to see my dad's extended family. Oh what fun that was! The snow adventure continued as we made our way up through Tennessee, Kentucky, and into Ohio. There was snow on the ground the entire trip there! We stayed in a little cabin right on Lake Erie and Dylan got to sleep in a bunkbed for the first time. The kids had a wonderful time with their cousins and great-grandparents. The biggest delight of all was watching Dylan interact with my 99 year-old great-grandmother in such a loving and caring way. It was as if they were kindred spirits!

And now the new year is upon us - 2011. We are anticipating big things this year -- our boy will turn 5 and Daddy will be coming home. Plus, who knows what other surprises the Lord will bless us with?!? God's blessings to all of you, friends and family!

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