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We moved!

Yes, I realize there are more cobwebs on this blog than in the crawlspace under our house...but I'm coming out from the dusty bunnies long enough to blog that "WE HAVE MOVED!" It's a long story that I hope to have the chance to tell someday soon, but for now suffice it to say that we are living in a single-family dwelling, built in the 1950's, original wood floors, Army house on Fort Campbell.  It is in a great neighborhood with wonderful neighbors and LOADS of kids.  We have been here for just over a month and love the location.  A picture is worth a thousand words, so here's to being succinct!

Give us this day our daily banana bread...

My husband and I were deep in the midst of a comatose-like sleep in the early hours following first light when I faintly heard the light clanking sound.  It had been a long night following a long weekend of camping with our two li'l arrows.  We'd been awakened three times - twice to the sound of our CO detector chirping (bad batteries!) and once to the sound of Cindy Lou Who needing help with her sheets 'cause she'd had an accident.  In my sleepy-stupor, I assumed the light clankity-clank was the sound of dishes but drifted back to sleep before that thought aroused any anxiety within me.  Soon after, we awakened to the sound of our bedroom door popping open as a shaggy brown-headed boy with the longest eyelashes you've ever seen moseyed into our room.  He gave us hugs and good morning love, and then proceeded to inform us about all the deeds he'd been up doing.  I wasn't surprised, but rather delighted, as a lot of our recent "talks" have centered…