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Twinning: Elijah & Elisha

Elijah and Elisha.  At times their coupling in the Old Testament appears twin-like. Even down to the spelling and pronunciation of their names.Like the old DoubleMint gum, they resembled two prophets for the price of one.Elijah was Elisha’s mentor and they often traveled and ministered together.In 2 Kings chapter 2 (catching on to all the two’s??) we see the bittersweet and miraculous end of the Elijah/Elisha era as they quite literally part ways.
Elijah knew that his “time had come”. He makes 3 attempts to separate from his mentee, all of them unsuccessful.  Elijah tells Elisha to “stay here” but Elisha refuses.  He cannot conceive of not being with this man of God…”so the two of them went on (v. 6)."  However, Scripture states clearly in verse 1 that the Lord intended to part them and to take Elijah to his eternal home in heaven.  The two of them must be split. 
At the location of his third unsuccessful attempt at separation, Elijah stands at the bank of the Jordan River with El…