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Movie time!

Summer time = movie time! We went with my parents to see "Finding Dory" this week.  It was a great way to wrap up our year of science -- Apologia's Exploring Creation Through Zoology 2 Swimming Creatures of the 5th Day.

Maiden voyage in the camper

And so begins our family’s adventure of a lifetime…or at least the summer.  With our household goods well on their way to Colorado and our house keys the only thing left to turn in to housing, we’ve taken a Father’s Day weekend camping trip for our maiden voyage with “the Pioneer wagon”.  We chose Land Between The Lakes (think southwestern Kentucky meets southeastern Missouri meets northwestern Tennessee) for our camping site since we’ve been here before.  We’re trying a new campsite this time, Piney Campground.  Our site is right on Kentucky Lake and we were able to put the kayaks in close by.  Our day of travel to LBL was fraught with delays and dilemmas, but after hours of persevering, a closed interstate, and a few issues with the camper we all finally plopped into bed around midnight.  In our tired stupor the next morning we awoke to an incredible view as we realized that we were right on the lake - couldn’t see that the night before!  The kids are enjoying the great outdoors.  D…

Moving and musing

There’s just something about being forced to sort through and lay hands on ALL of one’s worldly goods.  Kinda grabs you around the throat and causes you think one of two things.  “Man, are we blessed to be part of the 1%.”  Or,  “Man, why do I have so much stuff?!?!?!”  Me?  I tend to vacillate back and forth between those polar opposites when we have to move.  The Lord, by way of the Army, is sending us on.  Sending us out west.  (We’re traveling with a camper with the word “Pioneer” emblazoned on it!  Ironic?!)  We’ve moved 5 times in the past 7 years since my husband followed God’s calling into the Army (3 moves before that!).  2 of those 5 times we moved ourselves, also known as a DITY move (do-it-yourself).  Some people say that building a new construction home with your spouse can bring you to the brink of divorce.  I say moving all your earthly possessions yourself with your spouse can do the same (and costs less! :-)  I’m kidding (sorta), but it is stressful and back-breaking…

Social Media Sabbatical - 7 days so far

In an effort to rest, relax, and reframe my thinking, I'm taking an out from social media for the time being.  I'm on day 7 (made it a whole week!), so here's a catch-up log on the first 7 days.  Personally, I really like the direction this is going!

*Note:  Several of these entries were recorded in the car with my kids and husband present.  My hubby, not wanting to miss an opportunity to joke with me, decided to shout out random hashtags.  Soon after, our kids followed suit.  I wish you could hear these recordings.  They're much funnier in audio format!

Social Media Sabbatical, Day 1
So far I'm enjoying the silence in this black out. It's like detox for your brain. At my first sign-off from FB, I experienced a moment of panic realizing that I no longer had access to that outlet and venue. But I reminded myself that most of what is experienced on those sites is, as my husband calls it, "Fakebook" -- not authentic, not genuine, not real.  So, I'm in …

Layers and leaving

It's only been two weeks, so I still feel like I'm in recovery.  A week since I stepped down from the busiest season of ministry we've ever known.  In His gentle and loving way, the Lord layered these ministries on us as a way of easing us into them without breaking us.  Backstory: in late 2008, my husband was commissioned into the United States Army as a chaplain (for more on that click here).  We began serving God by serving our country through the military. Ministry for my chaplain included counseling, ethics guidance, conducting Bible studies, deploying, leading and serving at chapel, as well as conducting monthly weekend retreats for married couples and single soldiers.  That last part was my first open door to serving alongside him and serving the families in our unit.  Also, we both plugged in hard and heavy at our chapel and began serving wherever the need was that fit our talents and giftings.

From summer 2010 to summer 2011, we continued serving the Lord though …