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They're worth it!

All the "good" parents do it.  Especially the first timers.  You know, baby proofing the home.  We painstakingly plug every outlet with a cover, agonize over the top-safety rated carseat, cover every sharp corner with a rubber corner cover, anchor every heavy piece of furniture to the wall, secure every cabinet door, and lock up all the cleaners.  We are religious about it; and for good reason, too.  We know what's at stake: the safety of our most precious possessions -- our children.  When it comes time for schooling, we do something similar.  We devote hours to thinking about and comparing schools.  Private? Christian? Catholic? Public? Homeschool?  Again, for good reason.  We know what's at stake: the minds and future of our children.  So many times and in so many ways throughout the course of our childrens' lives we are intentional and purposeful about making decisions on their behalf.  But what about when it comes to their spirituality?  So often that gets r…