Ultrasounds, birthdays, and other goings-on

I feel like life is going so fast right now that if I don't blog, I'll forget all this one day!!! This past Monday I had my first OB visit and had an ultrasound done. Early ultrasound pics are one of those things that probably don't mean a whole lot to most people, but to the mom and dad-to-be, they are a great promise in a small package!

My favorite thing about this picture, aside from the little life in the center, is the fact that it says "Baby Raburn" in the top left corner. Dr. Wendel is pretty sure there's just one in there, but will check again in a month to be sure. One is a big enough blessing in itself, Lord!

Today, much to my resistance, I turned 30. Of course, like so many other birthdays, it just feels like another day. However, I also realize it marks the passing of an era. The problem is that I don't feel 30, I feel 24, 25ish. At 20, I remember thinking that I didn't want to go back and repeat the previous decade for anything. Middle school and high school weren't my finest moments. I can't say that this time, for I would go back, if given the chance, and repeat the last 10 years. Marrying, becoming a nurse, buying a house, having a son, watching my husband graduate with his masters, climbing the workforce ladder, helping my husband fulfill his calling, and finding out we're expecting again...what an exciting decade! I thank God for his abundance of blessings on me and my family. And I realize that were it not for those formative years in the decade before this past one, I might not be who I am today.

Tim, though he is 700 miles away, found a way to make this birthday oh-so-special. I had an e-gift certificate in my e-mail inbox this morning to The Body Shoppe in Little Rock for a salon treat of my choice (can't wait!) AND soon after that a beautiful bouquet of flowers arrived at my door. Babe, you're the best at surprising me and making me smile.

A whirlpool tub bath this morning and a trip to Kanpai for hibachi lunch and sushi made this day a real treat! Mom has been here with me for the past week and it has been wonderful to have her and her help. It is a real treat and a great blessing to be surrounded by family at birthday time.

And last but not least I have to post a pic of Tim, looking his Army best! We are so proud of you.

We are surviving...

Today marks 2 weeks down on the ticker of "Time without Tim". I won't say it's easy, but things are getting easier. Except for how much we miss being with Tim (Daddy). Dylan is adjusting, but continues to tell me that "I'm sad, Mommy, 'cause Daddy's not here". Which is heartbreakingly sweet, except for the fact that the aforementioned phrase is normally voiced when he is on his way to time-out or just had/going to get a spanking. Yes, my friends, that is the manipulation tactics of a 3-year-old who knows how to work the system (a.k.a his mother). We have frequent talks about what Daddy is doing ("My daddy's in the Army at Fort Jackson, Mommy") and Dylan prays for him diligently at each meal and bedtime ("Thank you God for Daddy have a long trip to Fort Jackson").

The nausea has been continually creeping in and getting worse. Today was actually a good day with little nausea, but lots of tiredness. Naptime is happy hour at this house! I loathe the nausea when it's here, but when I don't feel nauseated I worry somethings wrong. Now how's that for fickle?!? I will be glad when the 26th is here so I can get the "a-okay" from my OB. For now, just trusting that God, who is in all and through all and before all, is working out things for His glory.

Babe, if you read this, know that we love and miss you deeply. We think about you continuously and pray for you just about as often. We are proud of you!!

He has made me glad

In the midst of all the changes that are going on in our life, I have found myself searching for things to uplift me and for constants. I feel so lost without Tim here, yet I know that God is causing me to lean on Him each and every step. Not that God isn't always in our midst, but it helps me to picture God drawing himself even closer to me with Tim gone, filling in all the gaps and holes that my life feels without his presence. God is my husband during this time.

The Lord continues to shower his blessings on us. First he bestowed on us the gift of another pregnancy. Now, just this passed week, we had an offer on our house. As you can imagine, with the market the way it is these days, it wasn't a great offer. So, we prayerfully considered it, then counter-offered...and the buyer accepted! So, we have a house sale pending as we speak. To further trace the Lord's hand on all this, the buyer doesn't want to move in until Feb 23 which works out perfect with out schedule of not moving until sometime in March! When God does something, He does it right!

There is a song that was made popular by Darlene Zschech and the lyrics go like this:
I will bless the Lord forever
I will trust Him at all times
He has delivered me from all fear
He has set my feet upon a rock
I will not be moved
And I'll say of the Lord
You are my shield, my strength
My portion, deliverer
My shelter, strong tower
My very present help in time of need
Whom have I in heaven but You
There's none I desire beside You
You have made me glad
And I'll say of the Lord
You are my shield, my strength
My portion, deliverer
My shelter, strong tower
My very present help in time of need
This song has been like a balm for my soul this week. So much of it is everything I am feeling and going through at this time.
Tim is doing well, as I knew he would. He is getting to know the guys in his platoon better and they are working on team building exercises this week. He is still getting used to early mornings!
In the midst of it all, I am trying to remember that this is also precious time I get to spend one-on-one with my son. He is such a smart little guy! His latest "cute thing" is that he has imaginary friends that go with him wherever he goes in the house. Today's list of imaginary friends includes: Despereaux, the "Down Unders", Max, Goofy, Baby Jaguar, Tigger, Pooh, Darby, Beaver, Fox, and Franklin. Dylan is also now going by the name of "Diego" and you must call him this. When calling out the names of his imaginary friends, one must not miss a name or Dyla...I mean, Diego will be sure and remind you of whom you left out! :) Ah, the imagination of an almost 3-year-old! Makes me tired...so off to nap I go.

3 days down

Today marks our 3rd day without Daddy. I guess Dylan is really feeling it as evidenced by his meltdown shortly after lunch today. After the screaming and crying was calming down, I finally got out of him what was wrong. He said "I want my Dad!" That's enough to break anyone's heart. I am trying to take things one day at a time; if I let myself think about the busyness that the future holds, it is overwhelming. But God is bigger than all of this, I must remember.

We had an offer on the house today; it was not great, but it is what you would expect with people thinking there is an economic crisis going on. I still believe that God is in control, and we are meeting with the realtor tomorrow to see if we can make this work.

My days are numbered at work. I am going to be transitioning from full-time to PRN in a couple of weeks and I will be able to work when it is convenient for us. I am hoping to make a trip on the 30th to S.C. if I am at all able to, pending the house sale and all.

And as for the pregnancy, so far, so good. It is a bit early to make that as a declaration, but I will praise the Lord for very little nausea up to this point! So far I have just been very tired, so Dylan's nap hour has become mine as well. I am anxiously awaiting the opportunity to see a tiny heart beating at my first prenatal visit, Jan 26th!!

Tim is doing well at CH-BOLC (Chaplain Basic Officer's Leadership Course). It is quite a change in gears from anything he has done before. But he is surviving and I know will soon be thriving. He sure looked good on the webcam last night; bald head, uniform and all!

A very long day

This morning was to be Tim's departure day, so up we got at 0400 (4:00am for all you civilians), and we arrived at Little Rock National Airport by 0500. When we tried to check our baggage outside, the gentleman told us there was an hour and a half delay and that all check-ins would have to occur inside. Upon entering the lobby, we noticed that the Delta line was backed up 20 people deep while the other airline services were moving quite smoothly. I knew this smelled like trouble from the get go. So we waited, and waited, and waited. All the while keeping watching on the screens which said Tim's 0600 flight was "on time". After waiting for 30 minutes, someone finally came out and gave some bit of instructions to the now lengthy line. The instructions told all the non-0600 passengers to go someplace else, while all the 0600 passengers should stay in line and that the 0600 flight was cancelled (due to a late arrival the night before) but that there would be a flight leaving at 0730. So we waited, and waited, and waited. After Starbucks and breakfast, it was 0645 and Tim had been standing in line that whole time with no further word or instruction. Oh, and he had not moved one inch in line. At 0700 I began to wonder how they were going to check all 50-60 if these people into the 0730 flight in less than 30 minutes. What Delta had failed to tell us was that in addition to the late arrival the night before, they were still boarding people who had not been able to get a flight from THE DAY BEFORE!! So at 0720 we "officially" got someone to tell us that, indeed, we would NOT be getting on the 0730 flight and that it would likely be tomorrow before a flight could be found. So helpful :)
Long story shorter is that Tim ended up leaving around 0900 from Little Rock and drove my car straight through to Columbia, SC. Yes, he was late but the Army knows a thing or two about flights and understood his delay dilemma. I am sure there is a reason for this (whether it be so he can have a vehicle while he is there or for some unknown reason yet to be discovered) but that didn't stop things from being altogether frustrating. The important thing is that as I type he is nearing his destination, TomTom in hand, in one piece, and in One Peace, I pray.
I guess this was the first of what will be numerous Army "Adventures". I guess you could say I didn't handle this one with grace or finesse. I shall try to keep my head on my shoulders and do better next time...and remember you can't always trust the friendly skies.

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