Sunday, January 4, 2009

A very long day

This morning was to be Tim's departure day, so up we got at 0400 (4:00am for all you civilians), and we arrived at Little Rock National Airport by 0500. When we tried to check our baggage outside, the gentleman told us there was an hour and a half delay and that all check-ins would have to occur inside. Upon entering the lobby, we noticed that the Delta line was backed up 20 people deep while the other airline services were moving quite smoothly. I knew this smelled like trouble from the get go. So we waited, and waited, and waited. All the while keeping watching on the screens which said Tim's 0600 flight was "on time". After waiting for 30 minutes, someone finally came out and gave some bit of instructions to the now lengthy line. The instructions told all the non-0600 passengers to go someplace else, while all the 0600 passengers should stay in line and that the 0600 flight was cancelled (due to a late arrival the night before) but that there would be a flight leaving at 0730. So we waited, and waited, and waited. After Starbucks and breakfast, it was 0645 and Tim had been standing in line that whole time with no further word or instruction. Oh, and he had not moved one inch in line. At 0700 I began to wonder how they were going to check all 50-60 if these people into the 0730 flight in less than 30 minutes. What Delta had failed to tell us was that in addition to the late arrival the night before, they were still boarding people who had not been able to get a flight from THE DAY BEFORE!! So at 0720 we "officially" got someone to tell us that, indeed, we would NOT be getting on the 0730 flight and that it would likely be tomorrow before a flight could be found. So helpful :)
Long story shorter is that Tim ended up leaving around 0900 from Little Rock and drove my car straight through to Columbia, SC. Yes, he was late but the Army knows a thing or two about flights and understood his delay dilemma. I am sure there is a reason for this (whether it be so he can have a vehicle while he is there or for some unknown reason yet to be discovered) but that didn't stop things from being altogether frustrating. The important thing is that as I type he is nearing his destination, TomTom in hand, in one piece, and in One Peace, I pray.
I guess this was the first of what will be numerous Army "Adventures". I guess you could say I didn't handle this one with grace or finesse. I shall try to keep my head on my shoulders and do better next time...and remember you can't always trust the friendly skies.

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