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Glen Eyrie Castle

We had the privilege of teaching a Strong Bonds event for the soldiers in hubby's brigade at the breathtaking Glen Eyrie castle.  This castle is rich both aesthetically and historically.  The kids relished the thought of being at an actual castle!  The grounds were so serene and the weather was gorgeous.  We had a fantastic time and can't wait to go back.  The Navigators have so much to offer at Glen Eyrie and we recommend this spot to anyone visiting or living in the area.

For His mercy is very great…

I Chronicles 21
In this historical narrative, we see David standing at a place of pain and punishment.  He has sinned against the Lord - Scripture is clear on this - and has caused others to sin as well.  The triune God offers him three disciplinary choices:
3 years of famine3 months of overtaking by enemies3 days of the sword of the Lord
In all three of these choices David, his household, and his people would be affected.  David’s decision - even in a season of discipline - is an example of his faith in Jehovah-Makeh.  David’s plan was to bank on the mercy of God - both for himself and his people.  He knew Jehovah Adonai well enough to know he could count on - stake his all on - God’s mercy.  David knew God as the Great Shepherd of his soul and he knew of God’s covenant with His people. So, he also knew that somehow, someway the LORD would come to their rescue and aid.  David asked the LORD for option three - three days of the sword of the LORD. 
I Chronicles 21:13 “…I am in deep dis…