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Pumpkin patch 2016

Since our oldest was the age of 2, it has been our family tradition to visit a pumpkin patch each autumn (at least one!).  Over the years we have picked pumpkins and taken hay rides in Arkansas, Alabama, North Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, and now Colorado.  So many wonderful memories and pictures come from each trip.  This year we found a patch about an hour away called Diana's Pumpkin Patch.  In addition to the usual pumpkin picking and corn crib, this patch had a unique corn maze to explore.

Ride up to Pike's Peak

In Colorado, fall comes earlier than us southerners are accustomed to.  The leaves began changing in late September, so while our family was here for a visit we headed up the summit of Pike's Peak (by vehicle) to get a closer look at the foliage and the incredible view from 14,000+ feet.  Here are several pictures from our journey to the peak!

Garden of the gods

With family in town for a visit, we've been taking this opportunity to soak up the beauty of these mountains.  A trip to Garden of the gods did not disappoint!  For a quick perspective check on how big God is and how small we are...take a look...