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Amish adventure

We spent some time today with some of our new friends from Fort Campbell and hit the roads of Kentucky on an Amish adventure.  There is a loop of roads not far from our home that lead to one Amish farm after another.  Everything from tomatoes to honey to beef to giant mums!  We were able to count this trip towards schooling as a field trip.  Not only did the kids get a great lesson in agriculture but also in CULTURE as well!  We saw cattle, sheep, cattle dogs, pumpkins, flowers, gardens, a greenhouse, an Amish bakery, a buggy, and a bulk food store.  While visiting the cows at one of the farms, the kids and I took note that one particular cow had a cow tag on its ear that read "12-24-11" (its date of birth, we assumed) and was named "Noel".  Too cute!

I couldn't resist this we were walking away, a group of them seemed to approach rather quickly, as if to say, "Hey! Where ya goin'?"  To which I wanted to reply outloud, "To eat mor…

Trash to treasure

The school year is marching forward at a steady pace.  Homeschooling is in full swing and so far things are going well.  My biggest challenge is keeping our 3 year-old occupied and calm while I attempt to work with our first grader!  I knew it would be this way so it is no surprise to me.  Last week I saw evidences of both of them falling in line with the routine we've been trying to establish, which is a VERY good thing!  The Lord provided a preschool opportunity for our sweet 3 year-old girl, so 2 days a week she gets to go hang out with her new friends and do her "school" with Ms. "Esser" (Esther).  The highlights of this week will be our first homeschool field trip and a road trip to see grandparents.

Chaplain recently returned from an field exercise back on the east coast, affectionately called a JOAX.  He got to see his men and women close up in action as they piloted, supplied, refueled, and air assaulted.  It was a great introduction for him being so ne…