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Post-Christmas Surprise

In my Christmas post, I wrote about how Christmas takes on a fresh meaning each year as the Holy Spirit puts life anew into its powerful story. Well, this year our family has another added meaning to this special occasion. We were blessed with our best gift the day after Christmas: a positive pregnancy test! The early signs and symptoms had me thinking that we might be expecting, but it was the 2 First Response Tests that confirmed it for us. Being able to share the news of an extra special present after the all the gifts had been unwrapped was something we will never forget!
The nurse in me knows that we are still early in the game and that a lot can happen between now and Sept 5 (tentative due date), but I don’t think God wants us to wait until then to thank and praise Him. After the extensive infertility work-up and treatment we did just before conceiving Dylan, we are in awe of the blessing that God allowed to happen so easily and quickly. With Tim leaving tomorrow to start Army Ch…

Happy Blog-iversary

It has been 1 year now since I started this blog, and I wanted to write a special post in that honor. This blog has done alot for me. At times it has kept me going. At other times, it has kept me in touch with family and friends that I otherwise might not have. At still other times, it has helped me to express the thoughts and stirrings of my heart as God has led us through quite a journey over the past year. It has been great to journal on this journey. Thanks to all of you who stop by periodically to peruse. Special thanks to those of you who occasionally leave comments or send me e-mails.

Christmas Thoughts

Each year I am amazed at how God brings to light a new piece of the Christmas story and sheds a fresh light on its glorious message. This year I have found myself drawn to the seemingly insurmountable odds stacked against the prospect of the Messiah's birth occuring.

Too young - Mary was of too young an age to have been engaging in marital relations with Joseph, and therefore would not have been able to conceive.
Too old - Elizabeth was too old to be carrying and child and had been barren her whole life
Too far - the prophets told of the Messiah being born in Bethlehem, but Mary & Joseph were living no where close to there.
Too crowded - Joseph could find no place suitable for his family to stay and for the birth of the child.
And yet, Mary did bear a child, born of the Holy Spirit. Elizabeth, too, bore a child who would prepare the way of the Lord. And who but God could arrange such a timely census which would bring the gestating Messiah to the proper place? Joseph may have felt …

Commissioning Service

Today was Tim's Commissioning Service where he took the oath to become an officer in the US Army. His ranking is that of 1st Lieutenant, and he is officially on his journey to become an Army Chaplain. The commissioning was performed at our church by Commander Saunders, the seminary professor that first brought to light in Tim's mind the idea of Chaplaincy as a ministry.
Babe, I am so proud of the man you are and the heart you have. To God be the glory for what He is doing in our lives!

A December to remember

December 4th hit me a ton of bricks. Not the kind that hurt, but the kind that definitely get your attention. I realized at that point that we were one month out from Tim's departure to CH-BOLC (Chaplain Basic Officer Leadership Course). The Lord has granted us the privelege of being able to afford to have Tim quit his job early (the week before Black Friday, none the less!) so that he might have more time to spend with his family and say his farewells. God was so gracious to us through this, as it has proven to be such a beautiful gift. We took Dylan out of daycare for a month to spend time with his dad, and so day in and day out this month they are making memories.

So many things are up in the air right now and my mind sometimes feels like it is swirling. Our house is for sale (great time to be selling Real Estate, huh?) and our possessions are being sold and boxed up. Questions arise like: When should I quit my job? What will it be like to be a single mom? What will …