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From the tarheel state to the volunteer state

Two months.  Two months ago today we started our journey from the East Coast inland.  We coupled our move-time with chaplain's leave-time and took our sweet-time getting to our new home!  A trip to our see our Alabama family was followed up with a trip to a Florida beach, sans kiddos!  Tim and I enjoyed our chance to be alone together, altough with an impending move-in of all our wordly goods looming over our heads it was a bit hard to fully relax.  God was good, as always, and enabled us to get through the whole relocating process safely and enjoy our family along the way.

Chaplain has been assigned to an aviation brigade and is the chaplain for one of their battalions.  He ministers to alot of helicopter pilots and their support personnel.  It hasn't been too drastic of a change for him coming from an intelligence unit to this aviation one.  He is also settling in at his place of ministry within our chapel.  God has blessed Fort Campbell with a beautiful, new chapel that ri…