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Picturesque Pumpkins

Chaplain would never label himself as the artsy-fartsy type. Ever.  But he does have mad skills when it comes to pumpkin carving.  His artistic designs and his passion for the perfect picturesque pumpkin have resulted in a family tradition that each of us enjoys.  Here are 2016's models.


Several times over the years - in the arenas of personal friendships and various religious ministries -  I have spoken with other Christian women about the very charismatic Jen Hatmaker, and in those conversations my lack of agreement with her has surfaced.  I wanted to take this time and use this space {my blog} to further explain.

Jen Hatmaker is a very popular Christian author, blogger, and speaker.  Her family has even hosted a reality TV show that was featured on HGTV.  She is beloved by many Christian women.  Her books, with their visually appealing covers, always seem to strike a deep chord with spiritually minded women and are often the desired choice for women's Bible studies around the globe.  Her husband Brandon is a church planter/pastor in Texas and her family has adopted children from Ethiopia.  She speaks what she believes loudly and doesn't hold back.  Her public audience is enormous and her voice and influence reach millions. 

Over the years I have read, stalked…