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Come and tune

Come thou Fount of every blessing-
Tune my heart to sing Thy grace...

Come, Lord - the one who is the source and creator of all the blessings we see and seek - come tune the off-key strings of my heart so they make a joyful song as they are played.  A song that sings beautifully of the riches you've given us at Christ's expense.  Repair those strings which have been overstretched beyond their tuning. Relax those that have been wound up tight by misuse.

Hearts were made to sing and worship.  My heart will sing a song - whether one of beauty, harmony, and joy or a dismal tune, focused on self and disappointment.  Father, I give you permission to enter my heart and tune the rusty, dusty strings so that what outpours rings out loud and clear of your melody of love.  Only you can change the tune.  Your love can change my song.

Stir the slumbering chords again.

In my heart there rings a melody.

Prone to wander, Lord, I feel it-
Prone to leave the God I love...

Like a once tuned pia…