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A Trippin' Time

Over the weekend we went to visit my parents and had a wonderful time celebrating Dad's birthday. We had a family party Sunday and then we "did Chattanooga" on Monday. Dylan had a great time and was the life of the party. It was so wonderful to have Tim with us!


Waiting…it can be such a challenging thing. Not for you, though, God. Why is that? Is it because you know the outcome of each event? You see what has passed, what is, and what is to come, all at the same time. Kind of like a picture drawn on a series of transparency sheets. Looking down at all of them stacked in perfect order, you see the finished product. For us, we are stuck on a single page of that transparency looking at what sometimes in no way resembles its true form…waiting for the next page to come down and help us make sense of what is going on. God, you can look at a pregnant woman and yet see the child that she carries growing up, see the children that child will bear, and even see the elderly adult that child will become. You must wait like a baker who has meticulously and flawlessly prepared the ingredients for a delicious cake and is watching it rise to perfection in the oven. Knowing that in due time it will be ready to eat, admiring your superb culinary skill…


Boy, have I been missing my blog! I have had NO time to write recently and it's funny how I feel so pent up. I guess this posting is as much for my benefit as for anyone else. Work has been such a stressful place for me this week and it has been very draining to deal with. I have sensed an oppressive presence here that has made for a challenging work environment. Each night I have left work, gone home, released the days anxieties, gone to bed, and prayed that the next day would have a better layout. But not so. It seems that each day just got more and more stressful and continued the draining process from the day before. Today all I can think of is "It's the weekend! It's the weekend!" Thoughts of sleep and relaxation are dancing through my mind and visions of me getting my hair done and a pedicure are in my head. I guess I am in major need of some refreshing :) So I pulled out my pocket calendar (that Mom gave me) to make a hair appt and there at the top of the …

Like father, like son

Dylan's imagination is growing with each passing day. Recently he has begun to imagine that he, too, has a job and has to drive a special car to work each day. Wonder where he gets that idea from??? He calls his dad's work vehicle the "Fire Gog car" and loves to take a turn sitting in it and "driving it" when Daddy brings it home on his lunch breaks. I guess this has the cool-factor equivalence to your dad driving his squad car home from work each day :) He wouldn't let me take the 2nd picture below until he had buckled his seatbelt. He is first, Mom!!

Pictures from the fireworks show on the Arkansas River in Little Rock

America the Beautiful by Katharine Bates
3rd verse
O beautiful for heroes proved
In liberating strife.
Who more than self
their country loved
And mercy more than life! America! America!
May God thy gold refine
Till all success be nobleness
And every gain divine!

Happy Independence Day!

The God who gave us life gave us liberty at the same time; the hand of force may destroy, but cannot disjoin them.Thomas Jefferson, Rights of British America, 1774