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Stationery card

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The Thanksgiving trail

Our family recently enjoyed a Thanksgiving road trip to the great state of Alabama.It was our first lengthy road trip since Daddy’s return and BOY did we have a car full!The two of us plus two kids and two dogs…Whew...Equals one packed car!Before we left, we enjoyed a mock-Thanksgiving meal in our own home complete with fine china and candlelight.D thought it was really something special. He took one look at the table and said, “Oh, Momma!Thank you so much for doing this!”His heart of gratitude made me smile in satisfaction, for our family began a new tradition this year: 30 days of Thanksgiving.Using a piece of paper from the kids’ giant art tablet, we began to list out daily one thing we were thankful for.Each of us took turns writing, even D.It became something to look forward to daily.

My dad had recently undergone knee surgery to replace his left knee.So things were a little different than normal at my parent’s house.Dad had a rough go of things following surgery, so we were very …


Another week is digested down and the calm pause of the weekend is upon us.  Time for reflection.  Time to breathe.  This the first weekend of November also brings with it thoughts of the season: the season of thanksgiving.  Our family has begun a list, adding to it each day as we take turns putting to paper what our hearts are most grateful for.  And, oh, the things that kids can come up with to give thanks for!  An attitude of gratitude is what we are after.

A good friend (who also yields the pen well) recommended a book to me entitled "One Thousand Gifts" by Ann Voskamp.  I, who am a painfully slow reader, have been gnawing away at this book since late summer.  It is not a speed read.  It is a book to nibble on, to mentally savor, to let marinade over on the heart for a while before coming back for more.  The premise of the book is that every day is filled with blessings and joy, it's just up to us to find them and purpose to be grateful for what God has graciously gi…

Oh, the times they are a-changin'

While fall may have arrived on the calendar it has not quite fully made its appearance in our wardrobes, yet. Besides the seasons, things are changing on the homefront as well. Our once fiercely strong-willed boy who spent everyday in a costume of some form or another now spends his days in a school uniform and has taken to the likes of reading...small books with short words, mind you. But reading nonetheless! Our tiny and "easy" baby girl has become a tall 2 year old with a will that could rival the strength of tungsten metal. Diapers have given way to pull-ups and we are halfway to not needing even those anymore! It feels that babyhood has left this home all together. My point in saying all this is not to discuss whether we are going to have more babies, but to say that our family has changed and moved into a different season. I'm sure we've done it a dozen times before, but this one seems more tangible, more defined than previous times. Sometimes in the …