My sweet babies

Sleeping soundly, alarm clock resounds

Jump in the shower, dress for the day

Grab a cup of Joe, doctor it up

Await the awakening of my angels

Baby girl coos, a sound so gentle

Snuggle time before the rush begins

Warm fuzzy p.j.'s and a gigantic smile

A wet diaper smell, daybreak's light

Nursing sweetly, praying over her head

Another door creaks, big brother's up

Tousled hair, stuffed animals in tow

Morning breath, smelly but sweet

Hugs all around, breakfast prep begins

Front door opens, Daddy back from PT

This is the stuff of our mornings.

One of my favorite things to do with my children is to listen to music with them, in particular music with a Christian message. I love having the word of God in their ears and on their lips. It is THE EASIEST way to get your kids memorizing scripture…even as young as 2 or 3! We have one CD in particular that I love to play over my kids, especially at night. It is an "oldy but a goody" by Michael Card called Sleep Sound in Jesus. It contains elements of Scripture, prayer, and spiritual thoughts. Some of my favorite lines…

For Dylan: …Jacob dreamed about Someone, A Way to heaven, God the Son, And someday it's my prayer for you That in your heart His dream comes true…

For Jordan: …Where did you get those eyes so blue? They're from the sky that you passed through…And as for your soft curly ear, He knew there would be songs for you to hear…

For both: …Let me tell you of a man Who was before the world began, Who loves you more than anyone can known by the name of Jesus…

…The Lord bless you and keep you, The Lord make His face shine upon you, And give you peace…

At night: …Oh, unseen warriors, brothers, friends, Who for our safety we depend, I ask you now to come defend This precious little baby…

My dear sweet babies – What a blessing you are to me! You truly are an inheritance, a treasure, from the Lord. Your shining, smiling faces are priceless. Your laughs and giggles are delicious. Your God is tremendous!

Life goes on...

Many, many times over the last month I have wanted to just sit down and blog. Call me nerdy, but it is therapeutic for me. It makes me organize my life (or at least my thoughts about it) and helps me trace God's hand through all the ups and downs. Alas, I have not done so as of late. BUT...I have done alot of other things. I feel like I am at a place where I am caught up (at least for the moment! :) in life. My sweet Jordan is in a stable routine and my baby boy has recenty turned 4!!! We are have adjusted to the dynamics of being a family of four and the fluidity of our day-to-day routine. And so, now to catch up...

The Lord is doing great things in the life of the Raburns and is taking better care of us than we deserve. This semester I began a Bible Study entitled "Sacred Marriage" (based off of the book by Gary Thomas). It is an incredibly indepth book that has more to do with our relationship to the Lord than our spouse...but the kicker is that when that "vertical" relationship improves, so does the "horizontal" one. The more of this book I read, the better I understand my husband and the deeper in love I grow with him...and the more disenchanted I become with myself, or who I think I am. God is using this study to remind me what a great "catch" I have in Tim, to put my marrital relationship in its place, and to increase my reliance on God alone. And in the process, Tim and I are growing closer together. Learning and improving from past mistakes and looking with guarded anticipation at our upcoming deployment, we are holding tight to each other but resting in the arms of Christ. Lord, please continue your work in my life, prune this bushy tree, chisel this gnarled wood, sculpt this lumpy clay...may our marriage reflect the selfless love and unashamed redemption Jesus has for his bride, the body of Christ.

In late January, two big milestones occured.

  1. My birthday (praise the Lord for another year of life, but not going to discuss which year of life :)

  2. Jordan began eating solids

As her 6 month birthday approached, I began introducing cereals into her diet. She took one bite of rice cereal and NEVER looked back. She is a foodie, for sure!! Jordan would and does put every food substance she can get her hands on into her mouth. After trying out several cereals, we moved onto vegies and fruits. I can't really say that we have any favorites, because she LOVES them all! My dear sweet husband bought me a Beaba Babycook appliance (thanks, babe!) and I love it. I can make traditional baby food (pureed) or I can take a little of whatever I'm fixing for us and fix it (basically blend/chop it) up for her. I don't have to buy jars of food (unless we travel or I just want to) and I can make everything fresh for her. She eats at the table when we eat and still nurses about 4 times a day. Jordan goes down for bed between 7:30 and 8pm and wakes up around 7:00 or 7:15am. She rarely, if ever, wakes up in the night (thank you, Lord!) and takes 2 (sometimes 3) naps a day. After MONTHS of teething, finally 2 little pearlie whites appeard on her lower gums on March 2nd. No, I have not been bit yet, but I think that may be because her bottom teeth are covered by her teeth when she nurses. I am cautiously awaiting the arrival of the top teeth :)

Jordan, you continue to be such a joy to our family. You bring so much happiness to our family. Your brother can make you laugh like no one else can. Your smile can light up any room. And your daddy says that the only person on earth with blue eyes prettier than you is me! I love being your mom and I love the fact that God gave daddy and I the privelege of parenting you into a gody woman. You are a beautiful, healthy baby. At your last doctor's visit you were 15 lbs 10 oz and 24.5 inches long. Grow, baby, grow! As of right now, you can roll over with ease, sit up for 30 seconds to a minute and grasp things with one or two hands. You can push up on your belly and lift your head WAY up. Daddy says you are very "vocal", but I know that's just you growing into your womanly ability to talk! Your hair is a dark blonde (light brown) and you have no birth marks, that I've found anyways!

As I mentioned, Dylan recently turned 4. He had a super-fun birthday party at the on-post bowling alley, done up Cowboy style! A few of his closest friends (yes, mostly girls:) were there and we had a delightful time. I have been praying for early salvation (in childhood) for Dylan since before he was even born. Week-in and week-out since his birth, he has head he gospel in some form or fashion. Now, Tim and I are beginning to hear him ask some very probing and serious questions about spirituality, heaven, and the Lord. Nothing else thrills me like that does. To know that his heart is already turning to the things of God is amazing. He is still 100% boy, and without a doubt, a strong-willed one at that. He ALWAYS has a better idea than mine and would LOVE to push his agenda on anyone. For Christmas he received a Toy Story scooter and that has been a favorite toy as of lately. He likes to imagine that he is lightening fast on it and asks me to say "On your mark, get set, go!!" as he races down our sidewalk.

I was recently thinking about how many negatives I hear regularly about the Army and its life. So, instead I compiled a list of:

Things I love about being "Army"

  1. My kids get to pass by the "Iron Mike" statue everytime we go to Bible Study and AWANA...and are reminded of those who are making sacrifices all around them for this country. (Click here for an Iron Mike link)

  2. My 4 year-old has an understanding that there are more countries on this planet than just ours...and can say "Afghanistan".

  3. Seeing Old Glory at least a dozen different places in our own neighborhood

  4. STILL feeling a tear at the sound of The National Anthem

  5. Being called a dependent (I do need you, honey) and being told I have a sponsor (show me the money!)

  6. You never know when you might be able to see paratroopers from your front yard!

  7. ID checks are NO BIG DEAL...and being saluted at never gets old!

  8. Two words: dependable employment

  9. The AMAZING commissary saving$

  10. Tax breaks!

  11. Seeing firsthand the dedication and commitment in the eyes of America's greatest warriors

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