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Little Man

To our sweet D-boy,
You are about to turn seven?!  That blows this mama's mind!  Your birthday invitation says you will be "transforming" into a seven year old soon, but it doesn't feel like a transformation to me.  It seems like you were born yesterday and some magic trick happened to turn you into a little man overnight.  You embody everything that is "boy".  You are noisy.  You love to kiss on your mama.  You like to sweat.  You have a voice and you long to be heard.  You are fiercely protective of your little sister.  You are a leader looking for a people to lead.  You are handsome.  You have your daddy's muscles and your mama's eyelashes.  You love cars, action figures, Legos, and of all things, you like to read!  This year I have had the privelege to do what few mama's can: watch your mind expand and grow through homeschooling.  What a delight it's been to watch as you discover something new or finally understand what was once foreign,…