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Front Row Thoughts

Our family is leaving the ministry. At least for a season.  The reasons that have led us to this place are both deeply personal and painful.I definitely feel it is what’s best for us for now but that doesn’t change the fact that I’m still having to wrestle with this at a soul level.

I’m struggling as I grapple for a new identity outside one where we are formally laboring for Christ as a way of life - and a paying job.  As I searched for metaphors and reached for things of comparison to help me process and understand, this analogy came to mind.  It’s as if there’s this huge venue where God is on stage and the feature presentation is His Kingdom and its advancement.  As those who labor for him in full-time vocational ministry, it feels like we get a front row seat to what God is doing.  Like the first 3 rows at a concert that are reserved for certain individuals, we are front and center to Kingdom work.  
Stepping out of ministry feels like being asked to move from Row 2 Seat 8 to Row 8…

When trust is a must

We’re getting ready to sign a lease on an apartment.  I realize that to some that might seem like an amazingly exciting thing.  And at previous points in my life I would have agreed with elated anticipation.  But deciding on this apartment has felt like deciding between something I don’t want and something else I don’t want.  

Backstory: I’m preparing for the 14th move in my life.  I am almost 40, but still - that’s a lot of moving around!  This move has a deeper sting to it and I feel myself growing even more resistant to its coming.  It is a product of the circumstances that result from poor choices plus the challenge of a major life transition, all rolled up and tied with the bow of unemployment.  Sounds less than desirable, eh?  
But even in the midst of this chaos and disappointment, I am being reminded and shown how the steadfast love of the Lord endures.  His mercies remain new each morning.  I am still being fed manna and quail daily by my heavenly Father.  And I feel much like …