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Clarity and faithfulness

This man. I love him so.  He is a faithful father.  A minister of the gospel.  An amazing husband.  A world class soldier.  He is willing to go to the ends of the earth (and has!) to advance the Kingdom of God.  He has a call on his life to proclaim good news and eternal hope to all who will listen.

Last Sunday he had the privilege to preach yet again at our chapel.  This is not a calling or opportunity he takes lightly.  He labors and prepares diligently.  I love his heart and rejoice in seeing his spiritual gift of prophecy (declaring right from wrong) in action.  After preaching his sermon twice (for both services) he had one question on his mind.  He asked me, "Was it clear?  Did I make it clear?"  Not sure what he was referencing, I asked him to clarify.  "The gospel. Did I make it clear enough?"  Such passion.  After all was said and done, the greatest desire of his heart was to make Christ known as clearly and practically as possible.  Thank you, Lord, for …


Hi, I'm DJ, Jennifer's son. This is an essay that I wrote for school.  Enjoy! :-)

New Earth

One day, in the year 2999, the Boomer family decided to live on Mars. Earth was crowded with people and they wanted to have more space.  So they built a space ship/station. The SuperShipStation(S.S.S.) traveled ten times the speed of light! So they got in and … LIFT OFF!!!!

They arrived a day later and built a mansion, some helper-bots, a greenhouse, and some teleporters for going to Earth. The helper-bots built factories, air tubes, roads, and a Meteor Ray Shield (M.R.S.).
The town prospered and became known as Technoville. World President Fuji Corners sent Military Astronauts (M.A.) to keep it safe and to build Military Mar Bases (M.M.B.).
The town soon became a state, and, in the year 3016, it became “New Earth”. It will be there until the end of the world. 
Or will it?………………… KABOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!