Thursday, April 10, 2008

A poem

Help me to remember, God

Help me to remember, God, when he’s tall and twenty-three

that arms now strong and muscular at one time cuddled me.

Help me to remember, God, when he says it’s me who’s wrong

his breath once tickled on my neck as I sang him a song.

Help me to remember, God, when we don’t see eye to eye

before he used to fall asleep he’d kiss me then he’d sigh.

Help me to remember, God, when I see a man in him

a little boy once filled his shoes, ‘twas I who buckled them.

Help me to remember, God, though when he’s on his own

how small he may have started out, but Oh how much he’s grown!

~J. Raburn


The Charton's said...

That is so great Jenn! I wish I had your creativity. You have to print that off and save it for him and you!

Laura said...

That is so sweet!! They grow up so fast...hold on tight!!!!
Hope all is well. I'm praying for you!

Laura said...

Oh good, I haven't missed anything since I lost your link. This is the last thing I read!! Good to hear from you! Have a great weekend. I'll send an email later.

Angi Boody said...

That is so beautiful Jennifer!

Julie Saint Clair Griffin said...

Wow! That was so moving! It's difficult to hold back the tears. :) I was trying to find the author of the poem and realized it was you! Great job!