Saturday, April 19, 2008

Silence of the Lamb of God

Silence. The lack of sound or noise. Ahhh, not a peep. Silence is golden.
Seeing as we have a 2-year-old, we wouldn't know much about that word. But the Lord has been pressing a concept on my heart this week regarding silence in our spiritual lives and the times when seemingly God is not traceable in our midst. In a noisy crowd, it is often difficult to make out anything intelligibly strung together. So many distractions and voices compete for our attention. But silence and quiet voices are different. They cause us to tune our ear closely in order to hear any sound whatsoever. Why are we so surprised when we go through times where God's voice is difficult to discern? Isn't it those times when He is drawing us closest to Him? He is giving us the opportunity to tune out the distractions that surround us and calibrate the cochlea of our hearts to His frequency alone. How? By making himself so faint that He almost seems silent, so that we have to block out all other noises to hear the timeless wisdom only He can give. If God threw himself out there as another loud voice in the crowd, how could we distinguish? He is found in that still, small voice known as the Holy Spirit. The Bible puts it this way, in the form of a promise: "Be still and KNOW (emphasis mine) that I am God." Psalm 46:10
Also, this silence may cause us to cry out saying "God, where are you? I can't hear you!" And thus begins the dialogue God likes to call "prayer". One would like to think that God wouldn't have to resort to this to get one to call upon Him, but trust me, I'm sure I've been there!! Remember the game we played as kids "Marco, Polo"? God does not mind playing Polo. He is pleased with whatever it takes for us to find Him, even calling out to Him until we hear Him call back.

This week was our state's Children's Week and Dylan enjoyed a festival-like atmosphere at preschool each day he went. This picture is from Wacky Day where the kids were supposed to dress wacky. In case the pic isn't clear, he had an inside-out t-shirt, rolled up sweat pants, one red and one orange sock, and swim shoes!

This week we also began a new series known as Adventures in Potty Training. So far we have wet in 6 pairs of pants and underwear. Mom has washed the couch cushions twice and mopped up the floor three times. But there have been many more moments showing positive promise...we have had countless M&M's for successful attempts. When I saw what is in the picture below, I was a little unsure of how this would go. But so far, so good for a kid who'd rather pee in his pants than use the potty, and a Mom and Dad who are being as consistent as they can but both work full-time! Tune in next time for more fun in the Adventures in Potty Training!

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Laura said...

I enjoyed your post...referring to the first part. I remember those days of potty training and I am SO glad that is over will get better...ha ha!
Have a great week,