Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Top 10 reasons why I love my husband

In anticipation of our upcoming 8th anniversary, I have compiled a list for you, Babe. I am posting it on my blog so everyone else can know the wonderful things about you that I love so much. Happy Anniversary (early)! Here goes...

10. Tim can build a computer from the ground up with just a couple of pieces of conductor wire, a CPU tower, and a processor...and he can fix anything that has a mother board or a memory card in it :)

9. He loves Shakey's almost as much as I do.

8. He lets me win at basketball ;)

7. He tells me I am beautiful.

6. He watches chick-flicks with me.

5. He fixes my blog when I mess it up or need help with new features.

4. He gave me 2 dozen roses for Valentine's Day.

3. Twice when I was throwing-up sick, he stayed by my side and held my hair back so it didn't fall in the wastecan. (That is true love)

2. He is a GREAT father to Dylan

1. He answered God's call to be a minister.

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The Robnett's-Scott, Rhonda, Abigail, Brady, & Jackson said...

Hey Jennifer. What a sweet post about your husband. I'm so happy you responded, b/c now we can keep in touch. Your family is also beautiful. I am completely out of the poole now at UAMS, just working part-time as an APN in Greenbrier. I do miss everyone on L&D though. I need to add you to my blog roll. Keep in touch.