Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My sweet babies

Sleeping soundly, alarm clock resounds

Jump in the shower, dress for the day

Grab a cup of Joe, doctor it up

Await the awakening of my angels

Baby girl coos, a sound so gentle

Snuggle time before the rush begins

Warm fuzzy p.j.'s and a gigantic smile

A wet diaper smell, daybreak's light

Nursing sweetly, praying over her head

Another door creaks, big brother's up

Tousled hair, stuffed animals in tow

Morning breath, smelly but sweet

Hugs all around, breakfast prep begins

Front door opens, Daddy back from PT

This is the stuff of our mornings.

One of my favorite things to do with my children is to listen to music with them, in particular music with a Christian message. I love having the word of God in their ears and on their lips. It is THE EASIEST way to get your kids memorizing scripture…even as young as 2 or 3! We have one CD in particular that I love to play over my kids, especially at night. It is an "oldy but a goody" by Michael Card called Sleep Sound in Jesus. It contains elements of Scripture, prayer, and spiritual thoughts. Some of my favorite lines…

For Dylan: …Jacob dreamed about Someone, A Way to heaven, God the Son, And someday it's my prayer for you That in your heart His dream comes true…

For Jordan: …Where did you get those eyes so blue? They're from the sky that you passed through…And as for your soft curly ear, He knew there would be songs for you to hear…

For both: …Let me tell you of a man Who was before the world began, Who loves you more than anyone can known by the name of Jesus…

…The Lord bless you and keep you, The Lord make His face shine upon you, And give you peace…

At night: …Oh, unseen warriors, brothers, friends, Who for our safety we depend, I ask you now to come defend This precious little baby…

My dear sweet babies – What a blessing you are to me! You truly are an inheritance, a treasure, from the Lord. Your shining, smiling faces are priceless. Your laughs and giggles are delicious. Your God is tremendous!

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