Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Post-Christmas Surprise

In my Christmas post, I wrote about how Christmas takes on a fresh meaning each year as the Holy Spirit puts life anew into its powerful story. Well, this year our family has another added meaning to this special occasion. We were blessed with our best gift the day after Christmas: a positive pregnancy test! The early signs and symptoms had me thinking that we might be expecting, but it was the 2 First Response Tests that confirmed it for us. Being able to share the news of an extra special present after the all the gifts had been unwrapped was something we will never forget!
The nurse in me knows that we are still early in the game and that a lot can happen between now and Sept 5 (tentative due date), but I don’t think God wants us to wait until then to thank and praise Him. After the extensive infertility work-up and treatment we did just before conceiving Dylan, we are in awe of the blessing that God allowed to happen so easily and quickly. With Tim leaving tomorrow to start Army Chaplaincy training for 12 weeks, there is a little something in me that wonders if the timing of this is right. But we have written a blank check to God with our lives and are allowing him to fill in the address in the top left corner, the amount in the “for” blank, and the timing in the date field. We are trusting his timing and his judgment.
Thank you, Lord, for this Christmas blessing. Thank you for sending your Son to us as a baby, so tender and mild. And thank you for sending this child to us!Yes, they are positive (both of them)!!

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The Charton's said...

Jennifer! That is wonderful! I am so excited for you guys. What wonderful timing. Please keep me updated. Life with 2 is a wonderful new adventure=)