Amish adventure

We spent some time today with some of our new friends from Fort Campbell and hit the roads of Kentucky on an Amish adventure.  There is a loop of roads not far from our home that lead to one Amish farm after another.  Everything from tomatoes to honey to beef to giant mums!  We were able to count this trip towards schooling as a field trip.  Not only did the kids get a great lesson in agriculture but also in CULTURE as well!  We saw cattle, sheep, cattle dogs, pumpkins, flowers, gardens, a greenhouse, an Amish bakery, a buggy, and a bulk food store.  While visiting the cows at one of the farms, the kids and I took note that one particular cow had a cow tag on its ear that read "12-24-11" (its date of birth, we assumed) and was named "Noel".  Too cute!

I couldn't resist this we were walking away, a group of them seemed to approach rather quickly, as if to say, "Hey! Where ya goin'?"  To which I wanted to reply outloud, "To eat more chicken!"

Alas, not many pictures were taken during this escapade.  At times it was all I could do to wrangle my two and take in the sights myself.  I find it refreshing to drive to rural areas such as this one and soak in the scenery of the simpler way of life that the Amish lead.  The fields that go on forever, the green pastures, the quietness, and yes, even the smell of farm life!   It is good for the soul.

We finished up our outing as the cows would have wished...eating more chicken!  Our gaggle of kids played their hearts out while us Army wives enjoyed some good food and conversation.  Perfect way to end the morning!
Thank you, God, for this new group of gals you've brought into my life.  Thank you for how they are making the foreign seem more familiar.  Thank you for the sights and sounds of rural life.  Thank you for the touches of grace that abound in nature. The whole earth is full of Your glory! (Is 6:3)


Mrs. CP said…
Hi Jenn, I sent you a FB message asking you about Fort Bragg. My husband is an Army Chaplain too. On FB, the message should show up in your "other" folder if you click on Messages on the left hand side. You have to click Messages first to see the "other" category. I hope you can find it. Thanks so much! ~ Kari H.

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