Glen Eyrie Castle

We had the privilege of teaching a Strong Bonds event for the soldiers in hubby's brigade at the breathtaking Glen Eyrie castle.  This castle is rich both aesthetically and historically.  The kids relished the thought of being at an actual castle!  The grounds were so serene and the weather was gorgeous.  We had a fantastic time and can't wait to go back.  The Navigators have so much to offer at Glen Eyrie and we recommend this spot to anyone visiting or living in the area.

Glen Eyrie Castle, owned and operated by the Navigators.

Carlos the knight is a fixture at castle's front foyer hearth.
What a 5th grader!
What a 2nd grader!
The rose garden on the grounds of Glen Eyrie.  Part of the Prayer Journey.

The castle was built in 1871 by General William Palmer.

Dining area on the balcony off the King James Dining Room.
The castle had electricity as early as 1882.
In 1953 Navigator founder Dawson Trotman purchased the castle and its lot to use it for ministry purposes.
The castle is magnificent and its grounds are immaculately maintained.

One of the bathrooms, in near original condition.  Complete with a telephone!
A carriage stationed outside the Carriage House.
We got to climb a 25 ft wall as part of a family/marriage team building exercise.


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