Sunday, January 18, 2009

We are surviving...

Today marks 2 weeks down on the ticker of "Time without Tim". I won't say it's easy, but things are getting easier. Except for how much we miss being with Tim (Daddy). Dylan is adjusting, but continues to tell me that "I'm sad, Mommy, 'cause Daddy's not here". Which is heartbreakingly sweet, except for the fact that the aforementioned phrase is normally voiced when he is on his way to time-out or just had/going to get a spanking. Yes, my friends, that is the manipulation tactics of a 3-year-old who knows how to work the system (a.k.a his mother). We have frequent talks about what Daddy is doing ("My daddy's in the Army at Fort Jackson, Mommy") and Dylan prays for him diligently at each meal and bedtime ("Thank you God for Daddy have a long trip to Fort Jackson").

The nausea has been continually creeping in and getting worse. Today was actually a good day with little nausea, but lots of tiredness. Naptime is happy hour at this house! I loathe the nausea when it's here, but when I don't feel nauseated I worry somethings wrong. Now how's that for fickle?!? I will be glad when the 26th is here so I can get the "a-okay" from my OB. For now, just trusting that God, who is in all and through all and before all, is working out things for His glory.

Babe, if you read this, know that we love and miss you deeply. We think about you continuously and pray for you just about as often. We are proud of you!!

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