Ultrasounds, birthdays, and other goings-on

I feel like life is going so fast right now that if I don't blog, I'll forget all this one day!!! This past Monday I had my first OB visit and had an ultrasound done. Early ultrasound pics are one of those things that probably don't mean a whole lot to most people, but to the mom and dad-to-be, they are a great promise in a small package!

My favorite thing about this picture, aside from the little life in the center, is the fact that it says "Baby Raburn" in the top left corner. Dr. Wendel is pretty sure there's just one in there, but will check again in a month to be sure. One is a big enough blessing in itself, Lord!

Today, much to my resistance, I turned 30. Of course, like so many other birthdays, it just feels like another day. However, I also realize it marks the passing of an era. The problem is that I don't feel 30, I feel 24, 25ish. At 20, I remember thinking that I didn't want to go back and repeat the previous decade for anything. Middle school and high school weren't my finest moments. I can't say that this time, for I would go back, if given the chance, and repeat the last 10 years. Marrying, becoming a nurse, buying a house, having a son, watching my husband graduate with his masters, climbing the workforce ladder, helping my husband fulfill his calling, and finding out we're expecting again...what an exciting decade! I thank God for his abundance of blessings on me and my family. And I realize that were it not for those formative years in the decade before this past one, I might not be who I am today.

Tim, though he is 700 miles away, found a way to make this birthday oh-so-special. I had an e-gift certificate in my e-mail inbox this morning to The Body Shoppe in Little Rock for a salon treat of my choice (can't wait!) AND soon after that a beautiful bouquet of flowers arrived at my door. Babe, you're the best at surprising me and making me smile.

A whirlpool tub bath this morning and a trip to Kanpai for hibachi lunch and sushi made this day a real treat! Mom has been here with me for the past week and it has been wonderful to have her and her help. It is a real treat and a great blessing to be surrounded by family at birthday time.

And last but not least I have to post a pic of Tim, looking his Army best! We are so proud of you.


Allyson said...

I also turned 30 this past September and it was just another day. Like you, I feel more like 25ish and I would love to re-live this past decade! It was an awesome last 10 years!

Allyson said...

I turned 30 this past September. Like you, I feel more like 25ish. Also, I would love to relive this past 10 years. There was so much that happened that was amazing!

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