Maiden voyage in the camper

And so begins our family’s adventure of a lifetime…or at least the summer.  With our household goods well on their way to Colorado and our house keys the only thing left to turn in to housing, we’ve taken a Father’s Day weekend camping trip for our maiden voyage with “the Pioneer wagon”.  We chose Land Between The Lakes (think southwestern Kentucky meets southeastern Missouri meets northwestern Tennessee) for our camping site since we’ve been here before.  We’re trying a new campsite this time, Piney Campground.  Our site is right on Kentucky Lake and we were able to put the kayaks in close by.  Our day of travel to LBL was fraught with delays and dilemmas, but after hours of persevering, a closed interstate, and a few issues with the camper we all finally plopped into bed around midnight.  In our tired stupor the next morning we awoke to an incredible view as we realized that we were right on the lake - couldn’t see that the night before!  The kids are enjoying the great outdoors.  D is “carving” things with his pocket knife and 
J is pretending she is her favorite character from an adventure book series.  After lunch and a nap, we all hit a local bike trail.  The view was beautiful, until I saw a black snake!  We are enjoying life in the camper with its different rhythms and requirements.  It definitely requires an extra dose of grace and patience to be living so closely communal!  For now, gotta run.  The sun is setting and I don’t want to miss it!

Yes, we burned the biscuits!


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