Cookie monsters

This is the picture I took yesterday during our cookie-making session. Somebody had dry underpants all day at preschool yesterday (and it wasn't just me) so we had to celebrate the occasion! (Way to go, Dylan!!) On the way home I told Dylan that we would make some cookies in honor of his success. A few miles later down the road he told me "Mommy, we gonna make cookies. You essighted?" (translation: Are you excited?) At home we donned our aprons and pulled out the baking stones. Then, a little later, we savored our sweet rewards. With his mouth as full of oatmeal raisin as it could possibly be, I heard Dylan say "I want summore!" When Daddy arrived home, he walked into a wonderful smelling house and partook of our treats, too.

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Laura said...

Hi Jenn!

I just wanted to stop by and wish you a wonderful Mother's Day tomorrow!
What a sweet picture!!

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