Finishing a tough leg of this journey

Our 12 week seperation is coming to a close. And I am so ready for it to be over. I want to be careful in how I say this because I don't want it to seem at all like I think God has abondoned us during this time. He hasn't. But all the same it has been tough. A reflection on the things that have happened during the past 10 weeks:

  • 10 weeks of early pregnancy (blechhh! and zzzzzz)

  • Turning 30 (woohoo!)

  • Dealing with nausea

  • Getting an offer on our house

  • Counter-offering

  • Getting an acceptance on a counter-offer

  • Having a buyer try to back out

  • Having a buyer change her mind on backing out

  • Dealing with nausea


  • Valentine's Day

  • A violent stomach bug that won me an ER trip

  • Making repairs on said house

  • Packing, packing, packing...

  • Moving

  • Dealing with nausea

  • Dylan's 3rd birthday

  • Tim's birthday

  • Dealing with 2 very unhappy but loved dogs

  • Maintaining a paying job :)

  • Trying to keep stability in place for Dylan

  • Managing military movers moving our "stuff" from storage to storage

  • Preparing for life at a new PCS (permanent change of station, for you civilians)

  • Several trips to AL and SC

And that's just what I can remember at 11pm at night!! Whew. It makes me tired just looking at the list. But the awesome thing is that God met every need at every turn. Some days I felt like a conqueror, and others I felt like I had been granted just enough grace for that moment. Surely, Lord, You were my shield, protecting me from harm and destruction. Truly, Lord, You were my strength when I was weary from the pregnancy or just the chaos. Defintely, God, You were our portion to provide what we needed day-to-day. Undoubtedly, You were my deliverer who brought me through it all.

The Lord was faithful to instill a vivid memory in Dylan of his father and a longing to be with him again. Thanks to the technology of cell phones and web cams, we have stayed in touch more than I ever dreamed. One thing I know is true: you can't outgive (or out-serve God). It seems like the more we give of ourselves to Him, the more He heaps out on us. I am eagerly anticipating what God will do as we begin life at Ft Bragg...we WILL resist all attempts to become Tarheel fans!!! Go Bama!

I feel somewhat selfish for talking about all that I've been through without mentioning that which Tim has endured. However, he reminds me that I am fighting a battle of my own...on the homefront. One that is no less important than his; just different. Soldiers are only as strong as the families that support them. My prayer is that in blogging my experiences others might come to realize that they too can do this...that anyone can give their all, their life, to God and watch Him trace their journey. As the song says "Jesus commands my destiny". For God and Country...


The Parson's Wife said...


You have been a blessing! I feel for the you, and so many changes, and, no, I did not feel like you were complaining or being selfish. Thank you for blogging these things, they help with how reality will be. This should be our week to find out, and I am glad that you have taken the time to journal your experiences. I am also thankful that you "keep it real" and show the frustrations along with the greatness. He is certainly our strength and comfort!

Chaplain Wright said...

Tue and Wed are here for us! The Chaplain's Board is meeting and we should find out if my dh is indeed going to be an Army Chaplain. Thanks for all your encouragement and blogging the daily stuff. Please keep us in your prayers.

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