Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Sweetest Baby Girl

Jordan Nataleigh, what a treasure you are! You arrived earlier than expected into our lives, and Mommy had to face one of her biggest fears…leaving the hospital without you. As little as you were (6 pounds, 18.25 inches!) you challenged me, stretched me, and made me grow as a person, as a nurse, as a Mom, and as a woman of faith. What a joyous day when we brought you home! You were already on somewhat of a schedule and quickly adapted to sleeping well at night. You were crazy about your brother almost instantly. He can light up a room with just his smile and you quickly figured out that he was fun and funny! At just a few weeks old you would reach for your Dad's scratchy face when he would hold you close. You and I bonded easily as we spent many, many hours together as a 'nursing couple'. You are sweet and pleasant; you love to smile and can't wait to catch someone's eye so you can flash your cute smile at them. You have the most petite cry! It is more like a squeal than a cry. You like to sleep on your back and you LOVE your swing! You relax so much in your swing that you fall asleep if I don't watch you carefully. You are also a big fan of your vibrator chair. You have great vision and can spot Daddy and me across the room. You sleep fairly well through the night, although you usually can't make it all night long without a feeding…guess you just can't wait 'til morning to see me and be in my arms! You have found your hands and feet, but you are not interested in rolling over…yet. You coo and chuckle and reach for things. You are a doll and everyone who comes within 3 feet of you tells me that you are "such a pretty girl!" Dylan made me a mom, but you have made me a better mom. I love you!

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