Sunday, February 14, 2010

J's dedication to the Lord

Wordless Ones by Michael Card

In your loving arms we lay This wordless one so new; The incarnation of our love We dedicate to You. Hopeless, yet so full of hope We make a solemn vow, Not knowing when their time will come, Not knowing even how. And thugh it seems we try and make A promise that is true... We really only claim for them The promise that is You. The holy sleep that falls so deep, A blessing from above, Will now embrace our little one In simple trusting love. We offer you this child who's only ours for just awhile; How could we keep it back from You When You gave Your only Child?


Lauren said...

congrats to your family! That is exciting. So, I have a quick question - did you all find a church off post to also attend and plug into? Or was that your chapel? Just curious because we are settling in and trying to figure this out! Thanks and I enjoy reading your blog.

Jenn Raburn said...

Lauren--So good to meet you. I read a little about you in your blog just now (hard to do at kid's bedtimes but I would love to read more later). At Ft Bragg we are blessed with an incredible Chapel Next at Linden Oaks. It is a vibrant and growing chapel that was started last May at a school gymnasium. God has soooo blessed there! It can be a tough decision between chapel and civilian church. We wanted to be plugged in where Tim's soldier's would/may be attending, so that was what influenced our decision. We have never regreted it. I have some Chaplain wife friends who attend off post b/c the chapel their spouse serves at is dead/dying. So they get fed at a civilian church. Hope that helps and doesn't confuse. Keep on fighting the good fight...and congratulations on the little one!!