I am writing to you from heaven. No, I haven't died. And I'm not literally writing from beyond the pearly gates. But this sure feels like heaven. We have made it past the half-way mark of this year-long deployment and around that time usually comes R&R!!! Woohooo! Prase.The.Lord! Chaplain arrived nearly 2 weeks ago and we have relished every second with him. (I know, I know, some of you are thinking "Why in the world are you on your blog when your man is HOME?!?! In my defense, he is having a little techno time getting his iTouch up to par for the next 5 months while our precious angels take a nap. This equates to Mommy blog time :)

My mind had rehearsed the scene of how our reunion would go, complete with 2 little dressed up kids and a Welcome Home poster. That's pretty much what happened except that we were about 10 minutes late to the airport so there was no dramatic "Here comes the plane!!!" moment. Oh, well. It was lovely enough, and we did not leave disappointed. Jordan wanted to observe her Dad from a short distance while Dylan ran to him and jumped into his arms immediately. It was an awesome moment and is filed in our memory bank for all time.

My husband and I decided to spend about a week at home before we went off for a romantic rendezvous, allowing him time to adjust to a new time zone and giving the kids alot of one on one attention. Then he and I spent a couple of nights at this place

And WOW, was it beautiful.

With Dylan's birthday being the day after he leaves, Daddy wanted to make sure his boy had something grand to remember him buy. So...
...what better to buy than A NEW TRUCK! Yes, he is in love with it :)

And as for our littlest angel, she has quickly figured out who to go to for comfort. Tim and I were both concerned that she might not remember him and we have prayed for a sweet reunion. Looks like He answered! The Lord has provided us with unseasonably warm and gorgeous weather which our family has been enjoying very much. What a blessed time God has given us and what a lovely gift R&R has proven to be! Thank you, Heavenly Father!


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