Preschool graduation

Below are a few pictures from our kids' graduations...from preschool programs, that is! The kids were enrolled in a local Christian preschool this year which met a few mornings a week from 9am-12noon. Dylan graduated from 4K and will be moving onto kindergarten in a few short months. Jordan graduated from her mother's-morning-out room. She'll be in the 2-year-old class in a few short months as well! I always thought that preschool graduations were just a way to celebrate mediocrity...but when you're the momma it's SO different!

Sweet hand prints commemorating the occasion.

Dylan lining up. Only 1 of 4 boys in his class!

The full line up, ages 2-5. The graduates are in their caps and gowns. The crowned kids will return next year.

Haven't quite figured out my camera yet. Sorry :( But here DJ is receiving his "diploma".

Jordan's class took the stage since they are "moving up" next year to the "big kid" class.

Receiving her fake "diploma". Her smart teacher gave me the real one after it was over.

Not wanting to leave the limelight!

The preschool sang "So long, fair well, to you and you and you!" as they left the stage.

Overlook the screaming child in this picture, please. She was tired beyond words at this point. This is her teacher, Miss Myra. Some teachers are good. Some are gifted. Miss Myra was both. I found out this morning that Miss Myra is retiring and won't be back next year. We feel SO blessed that Jordan was able to be in her last class. You'll always be special to us, Miss Myra!

A little video of the kids singing.

More cuteness!


Amy Hervey said…
Oh, the ole' "celebrating mediocrity!" We had one of those celebrations, too-- Kindergarten graduation. But it was the best graduation I've been to this year! :)

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