First Day...of the 3rd grade (and Kindergarten, too!)

We made it!  We survived day #1 of homeschooling with 2 students in our classroom.  The principal opened us in prayer this morning and we hit the school-ground runnin'! I'll admit that schooling 2 of them at home using different curriculum for each of them took my organization and planning skills to a new extreme level.  But I believe that we will get in a groove soon and we won't be working until 3:00 (as we did today).  Our li'l girl is the most eager learner I've ever seen - she's got enough learning eagerness for both of them!  Her curriculum is pre-planned and all set up for me to teach.  Phew!  Such a relief!  Li'l man's curriculum takes quite a bit more planning and plotting - but is also more flexible.  One of our goals this year is to help him grow into being a self-starter when it comes to learning.  For us, that means that he gets to make SOME decisions about what he does and when.  He likes to procrastinate :-) so hopefully using this method he will soon learn that the only person that inconveniences is himself.  Also, cursive is on the agenda - and he is excited about it!  Another goal is to have li'l girl reading by Christmas.  She complains LOUDLY that it isn't fair that brother can read and she can't! :-)

So thankful for this opportunity to make the best investment I can into my family by being at home during these years!  And also thankful for a husband who supports me and, in accordance with Proverbs 31:28, "her husband also blesses her and praises her".

2 cutest kids in class :-) (apparently they decided the dress code was varying shades of blue)


 "ABCD" by li'l girl


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