Being a mom...

There are so many things I love about being a Mom. One of them is listening to my son talk, listening to the voice God gave him, and snickering at the words he says. Like "Mommy, me hold you?" (Somedays I think, "I wish you would hold me, I'M TIRED!") and "Mommy I not cake a nap!" Today I was given a new name by Dylan. It's "Sweetheart ElastaGirl Mommy". I LOVE IT!! I was trying to tell him he's my sweetheart and that is what he replied back with "You're my Sweetheart ElastaGirl Mommy!" You see, Dylan is convinced that our family has morphed into The Incredibles (and I do think we have an incredible family :) He is Dash (yes, he calls himself that), Daddy is Mr. Cwedible (the "In", apparently, is optional) and alas I am ElastaGwal. What an imagination!
This afternoon we went for a walk, had a wonderful time at the park, threw rocks in the stream (very boyish!), and spotted birds and planes. As our stroller approached our driveway, I peaked down into the seat and saw the most precious sleeping boy. My heart melted, for only the 6,457th time since February 24, 2006.


Laura said…
That's so sweet!...and funny!
Hope all is well. Love, Laura

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