Alive and typin'

Wow! I haven't posted since the 16th of August? I'm probably in jeopardy of being fired from my blogging position...good thing it's not my paying job! September has stormed in thanks to Gustav and summer is on its way to a close. This has been such a great outdoor season and Dylan and I have tried to eat it up on my days off - savoring every adventure not knowing where next summer will find us. I made the lady at our water park let us keep our expired punch-card because I wanted it for Dylan's scrapbook. How pathetically motherly is that!!
We spent the long holiday weekend with my parents for Labor Day. We enjoyed their company and their help. We did a few weekender projects and also made time for fun. Pictures to follow soon, I promise.
For those of you who are keeping up with our chaplaincy progress, Tim was recently granted a necessary medical waiver regarding his ear (he had surgery to correct some hearing loss a few years ago). So the next steps he is facing are a physical and an interview.
I am about to begin reading "Lies Women Believe" by Nancy Leigh DeMoss. From what I hear it is a must-read for all women. If you've read it, please let me know so we can compare notes. If you haven't, I'd love for you to start reading it with me! I'm sure I'll be posting what God lays on my heart.


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