J walked the dogs today...and other adventurous Army tales

Sugar and Spice, and everything nice, eh? Well this li'l girl of ours is more in line with the "puppy dog tails" portion of the opposite gender's nursery rhyme. J walked the dogs today. Yep, our 19 (soon to be 20) month old gal took those puppers for a stroll. Or at least she thought she was. Most of the way on our twice-around-the-block walk, this was the sight before me.
That's right - she was holding BOTH of them at the same time. And just chatting up a storm to those dogs; no doubt telling them what for and which way to go. I always keep the dogs clipped to my stroller as we walk, but in her mind I'm sure she thought she had those dogs under her complete control! We stopped for a picture, at which time she promptly let go of the leashes, but it made for a great picture anyways. (For those of you wondering, big brother was at preschool for the morning :) ♪Isn't she lovely? ♪ Army life: the two worst parts about it are the double D's -- Deployments and Departures (of friends, that is). And while we are undoubtedly in the midst of the former, we have experienced much of the latter last week as well. Three families moved away from our street within a few days time, all of which had kids of whom mine are fond. Sadness. But as a parting gift, a couple of them offered me the "remains" of their grocery goods. You know, the stuff movers won't box because they can't or because it's been opened? So, wow! Without going to the commissary, I ended up with a fridge, freezer, and pantry FULL of new and different grocery items! Needless to say, meals around here have been a little different, but fun and a nice change of pace. Just one of those neat quirks about life on post. Praying the Lord brings us nice new families with playful kids!


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