COURAGEOUS the movie

I would be remiss if I didn't share this with all of you. A powerful film from the producers of "Fireproof", Sherwood Pictures. Premiers September 30th. I was blessed to see a screening of it, and you will NOT want to miss it.


Rodney said…
Thank you so much for your mention of the new Courageous movie in your blog! We really do appreciate your support and willingness to share your thoughts of the film with your readers. As we move closer to the 9/30/2011 theatrical release date, we could definitely use your continued help spreading the news!

Thank you!

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A few resources you may want to add to your list. is the Military Ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ. Your husband can click on the chaplain link for some very good resources (free). is a blog run by some former Army wives who want to come along side current military wives and share their years of experience dealing with unique challenges of walking the journey of being a military wife. Sometimes you will laugh. Sometimes you may cry. is a challenge for men to step up as the spiritual leaders in their homes. Rise Up: For Dads Who Want to Lead Boldly is a great book on the topic. It's hard for soldiers to lead in their homes when they are deployed. That's a great discussion to share.

Thanks for your service as an Army family. Our years in green are special memories. We saw God work. Spent time at Benning, Hood, and Bragg. We will be in Orlando for the Army chaplain's conference in June if you are going to be there, we would love to meet your family.

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