Monday, April 4, 2011

Sights and sounds of the season

This afternoon the Lord afforded me a few glorious moments to study His Word (I have officially begun referring to naptime as my personal "happy hour"!). Ashamedly I must admit that I have a tendency to go through "seasons of faithfulness" to His magnificent Word. I draw close to Him, get fed, full, and fat from the bounty of His wisdom and then for some strange reason I stray from His side…taking my newfound knowledge with me (Instead of hooking up an IV and staying close to the source!!). After a period of dryness and going my own way, I find myself seeking after Him again and wondering why I ever left this Book in the first place! Lord grant that I might be more consistently faithful to the Scriptures.

The Lord has led me to study the Armor of God at this time in my life (will likely be another post at another time J). It isn't because of any book I'm reading or Bible Study class I'm in. It is a personal journey that He has led me in. So as I spent time today learning more about the Helmet of Salvation in the great outdoors of my backyard, I paused for a brief moment to take in the sights and sounds of this beautiful season of spring. I could hear the call of a bird so I closed my eyes and listened more closely. It was then that I could clearly distinguish the sounds of four different bird songs. Letting my mind wander I asked myself, "in light of eternity and the heavenly realms, what could they be singing?" I know that ornithologists would tell us that they were calling for a mate, and likely many were. But something about their song on this afternoon spoke to me of more than just eggs and nests and finding a mate. So there with my eyes closed I imagined that their voices blended together to lift a song of praise to His name, to sing praises to his/her Creator. I listened as they proclaimed, "Jesus Christ is Lord to the glory of God the Father!"

Lately I've also been reflecting on this season of Easter. When I look around and behold everything that was once dead and dormant resurrected to life again with leaf and bud and vine, it is no wonder to me that the Lord chose the timing of spring to perform the greatest resurrection feat of all time. And since the death, burial, and raising again of Jesus corresponds with the feast of Passover (shortly after the vernal equinox) this great plan of God's stems back as far as the Israelites under the bondage of Egypt. Dwell upon this during this Easter season: As you savor the sugar of candy and treats, let it be a reminder to you of the sweetness of our Savior. And as you watch the blooming of a flower or tree, let it serve to remind you of the life and beauty Christ brings to each heart who accepts Him as Lord.

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Lauren said...

Love this: I listened as they proclaimed, "Jesus Christ is Lord to the glory of God the Father!"

Enjoy your heart! :)