Christmas happenings

Merry Christmas!!  The following is a picture/video storytelling of the"December happenings" of the Raburns. Starting with Jordan's preschool Christmas production...
This front row is Jordan and all her see, she is the only girl in her preschool class.  8 boys, 1 girl!!
Santa had just entered the Sanctuary as a result of the kids singing Jingle Bells.  Ms. Jodi looks surprised as well!

Dylan and I posing for a picture by the tree.  Yup, you guessed it...Jordan wouldn't sit still long enough to join us!
Some really cute footage.  In true preschool performance fashion, she didn't sing but a few words and she mostly hammed it up and checked on her "friends" the whole time.  Priceless!  (Her teacher Ms. Nakisha -- or Ms. Sha-sha as Jordan calls her -- is on the left).  The best part of the evening?  DADDY WAS HERE!

Next, we had a "Happy Birthday Jesus" party for the kids in our neighborhood. We wished more kids could have made it, but we had a great time with the ones who came.

Kids gathered round to hear the Christmas story from the Bible.

Party guests enjoying a little playtime.

Playing "put baby Jesus in the manger" (in the fashion of "pin the tail on the donkey")

A round of Christmas carols led by the kids.

 Chaplain reading the Christmas story.

 Time for birthday cupcakes!

Happy Birthday Jesus!!

Dylan's school also put on a holiday performance.  His Christmas Cantata was a showcase of various Christmas songs and Scripture readings.  Each class took their turn on the stage doing their numbers.

What a bunch of hams!! 


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