Monday, January 2, 2012


Because I never seem to say enough about him, here is an entire blog post dedicated entirely to that man of mine.  My husband is fantastically one of a kind.  God truly broke the mold after making him.  Having spent the last 2 weeks with him (day in and day out) I am reminded of just how blessed I am to have him in my life.  He has the brain of a genius, the brawn of a athelete, and the behavior of a REALLY nice guy. Everywhere, everyday I see evidences of just how wonderfully God made him. There is almost always alot of thought and effort that goes into his actions (whether or not I can see it at the time!).  And if I can't figure something out, you can bet your sweet bottom that HE can!  He has the amazing ability to think of things that, even if given a month, I would never think of.  During our deployment I grew to miss his ingenuity and get-it-done-ness all the more.  And it has been SO nice to be able to say to myself, "Don't stress about it.  Tim can fix it!" I have often called him my "Renaissance Man" because he knows something about just about everything.  From rugby to computers, from cars to astronomy, from conservatism to physics, he is such a smart dude!  Just today we were at the store together doing the mundane task of shopping for groceries (I love doing the mundane things of life with him...makes it so much more exciting!) when lo-and-behold he brings up quantum networking and tries to make an analogy between that and the neural pathways of the human body.  I'm tellin' y'all, he's SMART!!  And to boot, he is KING of coming in solid at crunch time; he rocks the 11th hour stuff!  Me?  Not so much...

But for all his brilliance, he also has the uncanny ability to slow me down, to decompress me, to make me "stop and smell the roses".  I have a tendency to run, run, run until I drop and he keeps me balanced by encouraging me to take time for myself, to sit a little while, to relax.  He endulges me in the things that are not "mission critical" to the home front but are entertaining and of interest to me alone.  On this the 4th anniversary of my blog, I thought it fitting to write about the guy who seldom gets the credit but so often deserves it.  I love you, Tim Raburn.  Thank you for making me yours :-)

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The Crew said...

I feel you on this one! can't wait for my renaissance man to come home oh so soon too! very sweet.