Martin Luther King, Jr. Luncheon

 One of the opportunities Tim had this week was performing what the Army calls an invocation at the Martin Luther King, Jr. Luncheon conducted by his brigade, the 525th BFSB.  Tim has been acting-brigade chaplain for 2 months now, and this invocation is part of what the brigade chaplain would noramlly do.  So, he had the privelege of reading a passage of Scripture and saying a prayer over the luncheon.  He did a FABULOUS job!  As I listened to the different speakers who performed readings from some of the writings of King's family and intimate friends, I was struck by how deeply spiritual a man he was.  He was a minister, found himself constantly in prayer, and quoted the Bible daily.  His overarching message was "We will overcome", yes, but also "We will overcome without violence."  It was a wonderful time of reflection and rememberance.


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