First Colorado Christmas

We wanted to share some of the sights and shenanigans of our Christmas season.  We have many traditions that we look forward to each year - some passed down from our childhoods and some newly minted.  This was our first Christmas without the blessing of extended family visiting or us traveling to them.  I thought the house was a little too quiet!  But the calm and staying local allowed us to more easily focus in on the truly important this holiday season - Christ's wondrous gift to all, the blessing of family, and peaceful rest.  Hubby was VERY ill the week before Christmas, so that put a bit of a damper on our plans for holiday outings.  But Colorado did not disappoint and there was a chill in the air and snow on the ground for the week leading up to Christmas and even beyond.  We enjoyed the warmth and glow of our family room fireplace and made and ate FAR too many sweets.  We are looking forward to our flight to see some of our beloved family for a belated Christmas in January!
We have a tall and stocky fir tree in our backyard.  And with its branches glowing from snow lit by lights, it was the perfect Christmas sight!
Caught this beautiful sight just after sunset.

One of our beloved traditions - working together to build a gingerbread house.  This one was top notch!
Christmas makes us crazy!
This year's ornaments - a mini beanie boo and a Steve from Minecraft
Hard to see, but this is one of the many gifts they were blessed to receive.  Legos!
A gift from brother :-)
His favorite gift - a de-cellularized phone.  A glorified iTouch, as hubby calls it.
It was a Shopkin Christmas!
Another favorite - Calico Critters ballet theater
A gift from sister (he was doing an air fist-pump!)
Merry Christmas to me!  Get in shape, girl!
Captain America for our Chaplain America
Colorado winter preparedness
Look who preached Christmas Day!

Merry Christmas, from our clan to you! (Photo by R. Ball)


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