Homeschool life

Our kids are enjoying the blessing of being a part of a homeschool enrichment program here in Colorado.  It is funded and run through one of the local public school systems. (= FREE!) They go to "school" one day a week and get a bunch of fun and amazing stuff that we couldn't (wouldn't?) do at home.  They also get skilled instruction from very credible and capable teachers - my favorite part!  (Did I ever mention that I'm a nurse by trade - not an educator?!)  In early December the school hosted a winter showcase and parents were encouraged to attend.  Below are some sweet pictures of the great projects they created over the fall semester.

D and his buddy at winter band concert
Art class creations
Cafeteria buddies
Technology class
Social studies project
Art class...
...and more art.
Art is her favorite!
And, of course, a cat.
Technology class - movie making
Learning to log in


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